How To Clean Wooden Floors?

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How To Clean Wooden Floors?

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First, prevent excessive moisture penetration

When cleaning the wooden floor, first remove the dust on the floor surface with a mop, then dilute the appropriate amount in a bucket of water according to the ratio of the detergent and the dirtiness of the floor, and soak the mop from the inside of the room to the door. mop. However, be careful to wring the mop as much as possible to prevent excessive moisture from penetrating into the inner layer of the wooden floor, causing mold and rot.

If you encounter a floor seam or a corner that is difficult to clean, you can use the old toothbrush to scrub directly with the floor cleaner, or you can pour the detergent onto the rag to wipe the floor. However, some floor cleaners have a higher concentration of surfactants, and when they are finished, the semi-wet floor is more susceptible to dust. Therefore, it is best to choose a quality floor cleaning product.

Second, timely waxing

If you want the floor to remain shiny for a long time, you can use a layer of wood floor wax after using the floor cleaner.

However, be sure to wait until the floor is completely air-dried before waxing, so as not to completely adhere to the wax layer, and make a little white spot on the floor. And the number of waxing does not need much, twice a year.

Third, prevention and treatment of small cracks

Regularly and timely oiling and waxing the floor can effectively prevent and control dry cracks on the floor. Prevent and restore floor scratches. We should install the wooden floor at the end of the renovation, so that the floor will not be scratched due to improper construction. After installation, the floor should be first layered with floor wax or oil before entering the floor. A protective film is formed on the film to prevent scratching.

If the floor has been scratched, add a slight amount of wax, such as deeper fixed point repair to ensure the use and beauty of the floor.
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