The nick on solid wood floor how to repair

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The nick on solid wood floor how to repair

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as a result of the function of free from contamination of former zoology of solid wood floor, heat preservation good, foot has felt, the advantage such as laid effect beautiful, more and more consumer preference is in the home floor of laid solid wood. But the case that there can be occurrence nick of the surface of the solid wood floor in the hard to avoid in the life, the nick on the solid wood floor how Where is repair?

What appear like surface of fructification wood floor is more shallow nick, that is to say the paint film of surface of solid wood floor is done not have bad, it is moulage of a bit cut only, polishing candle can be used after the floor is clean direct polish. Polishing candle basically is the burnish that protects a floor board, make surface of solid wood floor becomes smooth, won't undertake deeper harm to the place of cut so.

If the bruise of surface of solid wood floor is deeper, can repair candle to do stuff with solid, finally again polishing processing. If nick of surface of solid wood floor is more serious, white phenomenon of damaged of occurrence floor paint film or dew, can dip in with 400 waterproof abrasive paper at that time suds burnish and wipe up, wait for dry junior travel local complementary color, besmear is brushed again after color works a lacquer, dry after 24 hours, burnish with 400 waterproof abrasive paper, brush floor wax to undertake polishing next.

The cut that is like fructification wood floor compares serious large area, emperor amounts to a floor to offer paid the floor maintains regularly reach defend a service, so the face-lifting that suggests to ask emperor to amount to the professional maintenance technician of the floor to have solid wood floor board perhaps changes.

Beyond the method of the nick of floor of repair solid wood that narrates besides above place in living at ordinary times so, also want those who make good floor board to defend the job, prevent the situation of occurrence nick of solid wood floor. Of course, you also can choose the emperor with strong wearability to amount to a floor, craft of its particular china crystal face can reduce the acerb object loss to the floor effectively.
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