Front facing Truvelos with no stripes?

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Front facing Truvelos with no stripes?

Сообщение tompitt » 11 май 2018, 14:59


I was driving down the a605 past Oundell which in in the Northamptonshire area. There are two Truvelos. One camera facing me and another facing the other side of the traffic. Going past one camera It was a 40 (just realised) and I thought it was national speed limit (60mph single carriage way.). However I think I was doing 42-34ish. Kinda paranoid I went over.So I am wondering since the Truvelos normally have stripes these ones don't. I checked on Google maps and the stripes were there but it's out dated(2009). So I'm wondering if I did go over the limit would I still be able to get a ticket?

Please help.

I didn't find the right soltion from the Internet.

References: ... no-stripes
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