Smartphone Sync Problem?

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Smartphone Sync Problem?

Сообщение jotat » 12 июл 2018, 16:08


I've just upgraded to MM3 Gold after using the free versions. One of the reasons for choosing MM is it's ability to download & sync podcasts to my HTC S730 smartphone (aka Windows Mobile 6 Standard). I'm finding that I can't check the storage card folders from the MediaMonkey 'explorer' tree. The phone shows up as S730, then next in the tree is Storage Card. I can expand both views to display folders (e.g. Music\Artist\Album) but no tracks appear in the main screen when I select an album folder. It works fine for tracks on on my PC's C: drive. Auto-Sync works ok, and I do get the list of suggested deletions for items no longer in the MM database. Any thoughts?

Any help will be apprecited.

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Thank you.

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