USB charging smartphone(s) on your wi-fi router?

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USB charging smartphone(s) on your wi-fi router?

Сообщение spadekevin » 26 июн 2018, 16:04


I'm running out of USB ports. So on a whim, I plugged my iphone 6s into one of the USB 2.0 ports on the back of my TP-Link C5. The battery indicator on the IOS seems to indicate it's charging! Interesting. So the next morning, I swapped in a Bluetooh 3.0 speaker. It seems to charge too. Next night, I plugged in my refurb'd Android HTC phone. The power indicator flickers a few times initially, but has been off ever since. I've been using the same micro-USB OTG adapter cable + a regular male-to-male USB cable in all three instances. Why wouldn't the HTC phone charge?

Please help.

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