Battery fast discharge, fast charge

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Battery fast discharge, fast charge

Сообщение tompitt » 18 май 2018, 08:08


For several weeks, my battery life has been unusually poor, and more recently, I've experienced sudden drops, like from 30% to 0% in a matter of minutes. Or one minute the phone is at 19%, then it's dead.
Also, I'm finding that the phone charges very fast.
This is the original battery on a Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch, purchased Oct. 2011.
I have a lot of news apps (Flipboard, Current, Pulse, Facebook, several newspapers), but their polling wouldn't explain sudden drops and fast charging. The phone often is very hot, which I always assumed was due to poor Sprint signal in the area. This evening, the phone remained hot even after I put it in airplane mode.
Do I need a new battery or a new phone?

Please help.

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