Best used aptX bluetooth 4.1 phone / player?

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Best used aptX bluetooth 4.1 phone / player?

Сообщение tompitt » 11 май 2018, 14:54


Just bought some rather wonderful Flares PRO earphones. Loving the sound quality. These can be used either wired or wireless where they are connected to a very good wireless DAC and receiver with bluetooth 4.1 with aptX connectivity which comes with them. My main use for these is running, gym or walking so wireless is really important. Unfortunately my current mobile player is an iPod Touch which doesn't support aptX so was hoping someone could recommend a decent used android phone that does. I have never used Android before (just Apple devices) so not an area I know. I don't want to spend any more than £150. The phone (or alternative device should such a thing exist?) would only be used to play music - all my other devices are Apple. Can anyone recommend anything? I've been looking at the LG G5 but very much open to suggestions.

Please help.

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