SLOW Internet connection

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SLOW Internet connection

Сообщение jotat » 12 июл 2018, 16:04


I have, I think, followed all instructions, and it looks as if it works fine. USB-key board and USB-mouse and a small TV connected with HDMI. Everything looks good but when I connect a network cable and try to access the internet it feels as it all stops. For example, loading the help-page that is found in the Menu takes at least 10 minutes... other webpages I have tried also takes a lot of time. I have checked the network cable with a laptop and the download rate is around 90 Mb per sec, so I dont think the problem is in the router or somewhere before that, it must be in R Pi 2 itself... Maybe there is some setting somewhere that must be changed? In that case, where and how? If you need some information about my setup, you will have to tell me how to find it. I'm completely new to this size of computers .

Any help will be apprecited.

I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.

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Thank you.

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