PC huge problem Voice Mic not working

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PC huge problem Voice Mic not working

Сообщение tompitt » 18 май 2018, 08:11


Microphone is not working. Voice/chat/VOIP proximity voice it's a huge flaw in the game.
I am not the only one complaining, i see a lot of people here and reddit with problems. And let me say i tried all the fixes available! I use mic in steam/ts/discord and in many many other games without any issue. Here it simply doesn't work.
What's even worse is that i can see the voice icon appearing in top of other players and i can't hear what they say.
This game is meant to be played with a team and if it's not possible to use voice chat / mic then this game is not fun to play.
I know, it's a alfa/beta, but this is a bug/flaw (whatever) that must be corrected ASAP. I won't buy the game with this problema and how can i know if it's fixed (in 3 months) before buying it??

Please help.

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