Issue with tpsrv.exe lagging my computer

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Issue with tpsrv.exe lagging my computer

Сообщение kevinmanuel » 26 апр 2018, 10:42


I have Panda Antivirus Pro 2012. I use Windows XP. For awhile now, tpsrv.exe uses 50% of my CPU usage and causes my computer to lag big time. It takes forever for anything to open, especially on the internet. Usually if I reboot, it temporarily stops, but starts back up again. If I let it just run like that for a few hours, (have to let it run longer lately), and then reboot, it won't come back for a few days. There are no error messages. It just starts out of nowhere.
I haven't been able to find anyone with exactly the same problem, but close to it, but as I said I receive no error messages. I tried the hft111104s19_r1 hotfix, but that didn't do anything to help.
I'm very frustrated by this and I'm about to uninstall Panda and find an antivirus that doesn't lag my computer so much.

Any help will be apprecited.

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Thank you.

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