How to quiet a vibrator

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How to quiet a vibrator

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Tutorials: how to kiss well
Surely in more than one occasion you may have asked yourself if you are good at kissing or if you know how to kiss well. Whether you've never done it or if you've done it many times, it's normal to have doubts about what kind of kisses you usually give and if you're really doing it right. Since if you have already kissed before, you will be aware that not everyone kisses in the same way and there will be those who have liked you more as they kiss others.
However, the fact of kissing well is relatively relative because, as in everything, there will be those who like more a kind of kisses than others. Therefore, the fact of kissing well is difficult to generalize. What you can keep in mind is what things you can do to improve the way you can be kissing in the moment and find a way to make you feel more proud of how you kiss to gain confidence and thus feel more confident and at ease when You are kissing.

The fact of kissing well is relative
With the following tutorial you can learn how to kiss well and give the best kisses to those who want to receive them from now on.
To kiss well is key to have a good breath The first thing we must consider if we want to kiss well is our breath. Most likely, it bothers you when another person does not finish smelling your mouth completely, either because he has eaten something that smells very strong or because he has a problem of breath.
So, you should take care of the smell of your breath if you want to learn to kiss well, since surely this will be one of the first factors that the person who will kiss you will take into account before doing so, just as you would do it yourself. So, you can choose candy or mint gum, or another flavor if you prefer, before meeting that person or having an appointment. A good oral hygiene will help you to have better breath for longer and avoid foods like onions or garlic will also help you to have a better smell in your mouth.
You must take care of the smell of your breath
Learning to kiss, as for almost everything, you learn by practicing Therefore, it is normal that the first time you go to kiss someone you do not know quite well how to do it. That's because you can not learn to kiss alone, since you need someone else to do it with. However, do not be in a hurry to find someone to kiss, since it is better to do it with a person with whom you have confidence and desire to do so.
As in everything, it will be as time goes by and you have practiced that you get better. If the person with whom you are kissing really likes you and you have enough confidence, it will not hurt you to ask if you are doing well or if you can give some advice to improve the way you are doing at this time.
Little by little, both of you will adapt to the way of kissing each one and surely you like it more and each time you will be better to kiss. However, if you must change partners or in the future you will kiss with other people, you should keep in mind that not everyone kisses the same, so you may learn new ways to give kisses to others and see if you like more. or not the way in which other people do it.
A kiss is learned by practicing
When it comes to learning to give kisses, do not be afraid to say what you think or what you like, in this way you will not only help the other person learn new ways to give kisses, but you can also discover how Do it better or adapt to the tastes of others and know your own.
As we commented, kissing is not an exact technique, so it is normal that for some people to kiss well for others, it is not. Just learn to give kisses like you, but you like to get them and adapt to the way you kiss the person you like.
The fact of giving kisses is quite intuitive, since it is an action that we do when we intimate with someone for whom we feel something stronger than a friendship. This attraction translates into kisses and depending on the degree of attraction may be more or less effusive, but the fact of doing it right or wrong depends on how calm and relaxed we are, enjoying the moment and intimacy with this person so special.

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