Can you use a vibrator in the bath Do male and female orgasms feel the same

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Can you use a vibrator in the bath Do male and female orgasms feel the same

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Climacteric and menopause, female 'maturity'
Woman of climacteric age and menopause
What is the climacteric? How is it different from menopause? ?What are your symptoms? What ailments does it involve and how can they be avoided? What physical and psychic changes does it entail? All these questions assail most women at a time of maturity. In this article we try to solve all possible doubts about climacteric and menopause.
Climacteric and menopause: characteristics and phases The climacteric is a stage of female life that lasts for years and is associated with a decrease in the production of estrogen. This concept, which has its origin in the Greek term escalon, implies a series of alterations and physical and emotional changes that affect each woman in a different way. It is a process linked to the inability to generate hormones, oocytes and follicles. It is therefore the passage from reproductive to non-reproductive life on the part of women.
One out of every 10 women stops menstruating in a sudden way. The climacteric develops during the years before and after the loss of genital functions. It is often confused with menopause, which is the last menstruation. One out of every ten women stops menstruating suddenly, while the vast majority of women do so progressively and with alterations in the regularity of the period that last for years. It is considered that a woman has experienced menopause when she accumulates 12 months without menstruation. Menopause implies, therefore, a retrospective diagnosis.
The years before menopause are known as premenopause or perimenopause. This is the first phase of the climacteric, characterized by menstrual disorders: irregularities in the cycle, the duration of the period is shortened, hemorrhages intensify ... This phase lasts between two and eight years before menopause.
The average age at which women stop menstruating is 50 years, with common oscillations between 42 and 56 years, according to data from the Ministry of Health.
After the last menstruation a phase called postmenopause begins and lasts up to six years after the menopause approximately. It is in this stage that the greatest number of complications and changes related to the climacteric appear.
Climacteric and menopause: symptoms and ailments Each woman is different, therefore the symptoms and ailments that appear in the stages before and after menopause vary in each woman. The first thing that the gynecologist must address is the phase in which each patient is to treat it individually, taking into account the symptoms that it presents.
Woman suffering the effects of climacteric and menopause
The hot flushes and hot flashes are undoubtedly the most common symptoms that occur throughout the climacteric. Both these hot flashes and night sweats are common symptoms in perimenopause, especially in the days before menstruation. Almost half of women suffer during this stage due to the variation of estrogen concentrations. Palpitations and tachycardias are also common at this stage of the process. In most cases the hot flashes last for no longer than 5 minutes, but these episodes last for more than a year.
Joint and muscle pains are another of the most common symptoms. Vaginal dryness and, to a lesser extent, atrophy of the genitals are also common. All this involves changes in sexual relationships, also affected by another of the symptoms: the decrease of libido.
Urine losses are frequent Another of the most important ailments during the climacteric is the increase in the frequency with which the woman must urinate, especially during the night. This change is due to a decrease in the capacity of the bladder. Along with this variation in the urinary system are urine losses, frequent and involuntary coughing, sneezing and laughing.
In the medium term the skin becomes fragile and loses smoothness and thickness, so that the expression lines of the face are marked more. In the long term, it increases the bad cholesterol and with the risk of suffering from cardiovascular diseases.
The climacteric implies both physical and psychic changes. Fortunately, more and more women are living this stage naturally and without psychological repercussions. However, in the psychic area there are problems of nervousness, anorgasmia, irritability and emotional instability. There are also cases of depression, with a lower percentage of affected.
Prevention of diseases in the climacteric Each woman lives the climacteric in a different way and for that reason the treatment that she should receive must be different and personalized in each case, as we have commented previously.
Woman of climacteric age on a visit to the gynecologist
However, whatever phase each woman is in, it is very important to pay attention to preventive treatments in the face of complications that may arise in the medium and long term.
Among the most serious diseases linked to menopause are osteoporosis, breast cancer and cardiovascular problems not related to age. But do not spread panic. It is evident that some of the physical changes that involve menopause and the climacteric can not be modified. However, there are other effects that can be mitigated or avoided with preventive treatments.
Maintaining a healthy lifestyle, avoiding a sedentary lifestyle, avoiding excesses of tobacco and alcohol and trying not to be overweight make up the ABC of the guidelines to follow in order to live a climacteric without complications for health. The result is in your hand, however, remember that it is advisable to make periodic visits to the gynecologist.

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