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[/url] This one needs a little more craft skills as drilling through a ceramic cup and saucer is a work of patience.But the drilling is all you need to do.The cup acts a food holder for the birds, and the saucer acts as a shelter.You can use peppy colors for the feeder by choosing different designs on your ceramic.You can also go one step further and add a cup for water.It can also double as a birdhouse during harsh weathers.Sealing the spout can prevent the bird seed from falling out.Teapots can be painted in very pretty colors, be it pastel, polka dots, or earthy colors.You can hang them around trees by their handles.It will surely add a new charm to the garden.The crockery wont swing around and crash against any surface, so its a very safe option for both the birds and yourself.These tea cups are placed in a saucer normally, and glued neatly.The tea cup will hold the bird seed, and the saucer will act a stand for the birds.The cups are then glued to a rod, buried in the ground.So your cups wont break if you arrange them this way, and theyll surely attract a lot of hungry birds too.There are so many things you can create with these colored blocks.For instance, take this Lego feeder.Seems brilliant, doesnt it?If you have old Lego blocks from childrens toy kits that you can spare, or if you dont mind purchasing a basic Lego kit, you can make your very own Lego Bird Feeder.You can even build it according to your favorite or available Lego themes.The creator of this idea stumbled across this idea by happenstance.If you live in regions with heavy snow and frost conditions, you could surely try this idea to feed your feathery friends, and add color to your snow-clad white backyard.This is a really economic idea, and you dont even have to create as many bird feeders.You just have to use some balloons, water, and some bright food colors.This will look quite brilliant on the snow canvas in your garden.And dont worry, the ice doesnt hurt the birds feet, so its a safe option.Its easy to make or bake bird feeder using suet and bird seed.There are quite a lot of ideas around which usebaked bird seeds, making it easier to hang them around the garden.They dont even leave anything behind, so thats a plus.Its a dry wooden log drilled and made hollow in random places.These holes are stuffed with the suet mix, and the whole feeder is hanged in the garden.Now since this feeder looks like a natural log, a lot of birds take up to it immediately, especially woodpeckers.When the feed gets over, you can refill it with another batch of suet and hang it back.The birds will surely take a liking to it.Youll have to pull some twigs apart to fill it with the suet, and leave it to refrigerate.You can hang it around the garden or balcony with jute or a sisal rope, and it will look completely natural.The tutorial gives some extra tips to hold the ball in shape as the twigs are thin and dont hold the heavy suet weight.You can even stuff the grapevine balls with cheerios if youre not interested in using suet for the mixture.You can use a festive theme for the shapes, and it will look really pretty.For instance, you can cut star or gingerbread shapes and hang them for a candy cane for Christmas, hearts hanged by a pretty red ribbon for Valentines, or butterfly shapes for Spring and Easter.It is sure to attract the attention of the birds as well your guests during a garden party.

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