Sonic Service Outage issues for Small Business

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Sonic Service Outage issues for Small Business

Сообщение kevinmanuel » 22 апр 2018, 09:38


We have Fusion for our international Bookkeeping company. Service went down on Thursday 4/12 at 6pm, which is during the height of tax filing season.
Our service was the only one in the entire commercial building that went down. After 4 days of Building IT, 2 visits by AT&T, the entire issue was traced to Sonic's original installation which was done incorrectly and on a noisy line.
The Sonic Tech team who came out (Steve Thomas & Joey) ran new wiring from the phone room to server room. I actually overheard Steve's excitement about "we really hit a home run on this one!" He felt strongly that he not only solved our service issue but improved it to its max capabilities.
Needless to say, I was thrilled too. Going through such stress during the single most
Important time period for my business was very difficult and i lost thousands of dollars with the outages.
Unfortunately, at 4:20 this morning, our international team reported we are offline.
I sent an email to support, but with no after hours Sonic support, how do we deal with outages and lost income for our business?
How do I know Sonic has successfully fixed the issues and my service is continuously stable from this time forward?

Any help will be apprecited.

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